Frampton Festival could be on its way back

THE annual Frampton Festival could be ready to return – but not until next year. 

New nine metre-wide double gates have been installed at Centenary Field, resolving issues with a collapsed wall in Mill Lane close to the field entrance.

Frampton Parish Council said the new gates will allow larger vehicles onto the site, and said that “all being well” the free volunteer-run event could come back.

Announcing the update online, the council said: “Frampton Cotterell Parish Council is very pleased to let you know that the widening of Mill Lane Allotments gate has been completed ahead of schedule.

“This, we hope, will help to facilitate the return of the Frampton Festival in 2024.”

Festival organisers told the Voice they are hopeful they event can return,  but won’t know for certain until they have had talks with the parish council about the layout of stalls and attractions.

The festival was traditionally held in the Centenary Field every year in mid-July, with rides, stalls, activities and live music building up to a firework display and beacon-lighting finale.

It moved temporarily to another site, The Park by Crossbow House, when it was last held in 2019, because of the access problem caused by the collapsed wall, but the Centenary Field was agreed to be more suitable.

The following year organisers were already struggling to find a venue when the pandemic brought an end to all mass events, and the festival has not been held since.

Last year the parish council published a statement about the festival, following speculation in the village, and re-affirmed its support. 

Councillors said: “We love seeing the joy it brings to the community every bit as much as you do. We are certainly not opposed to the Frampton Festival.”

The council said plans to encourage biodiversity and make the Centenary Field a nature reserve would not prevent the festival going ahead, or the field being used by dog walkers and others.

For more details about how to support the festival, or get involved as a volunteer, visit the parish council’s Frampton Festival page.