Petition for change at Hambrook traffic lights nears 3,000 supporters

A PETITION calling on South Gloucestershire Council to reinstate all options for drivers using the Hambrook traffic lights has gained almost 3,000 supporters.

Moorend resident Angeline Gay launched the petition, titled “Reinstate Traffic Lights at Hambrook Junction for Efficient Commuting”, on the website in early February.

After a month it had gained more than 2,900 supporters.

It calls for the council to allow drivers heading west on the A4174 to turn right towards Winterbourne and traffic heading north from Frenchay to be able to come straight across the junction.

Restrictions (shown on the council diagram, above) were first imposed in 2019 to cut nitrogen dioxide pollution to within legal levels.

Angie said the situation for the 200 households in Moorend and others further afield had got worse since the closure of the A432 Badminton Road bridge over the M4.

She said: “We have one way into Hambrook and one way out.
“This change not only adds unnecessary time and distance to our daily commute but also increases fuel consumption and contributes to air pollution.

“The response to the petition has been really good.

“The comments are mainly pointing to how much disruption this is causing the community.”

Council: ‘significant improvements’ in emissions

A council spokesperson said for the petition to be considered, a report with signatories’ details would need to be submitted directly to the authority.

The spokesperson said: “For the time being restrictions to traffic movements at Hambrook lights must remain in place.

“This is because roadside nitrogen dioxide levels must be compliant for at least a year.

“Recent data has shown significant improvements in the emissions at this location.

“We are not able to remove the restrictions until we can evidence to the Department for Transport and DEFRA that the emission levels are low enough and are not likely to increase.”

The petition can be found online at