Labour’s Claire Hazelgrove wins Filton & Bradley Stoke from Conservative Jack Lopresti

LABOUR’S Claire Hazelgrove is the new MP for Filton & Bradley Stoke.

The community engagement worker and charity trustee defeated sitting Conservative Jack Lopresti by exactly 10,000 votes, to win the seat for Labour for the first time.

It came on a night of electoral disaster for the Tories, who saw big names such as Liz Truss, Jacob-Rees Mogg, Penny Mordaunt and Grant Shapps lose their seats, as Labour secured more than 400 seats, and a majority of more than 170.

Afterwards Ms Hazelgrove said: “It’s the honour of my life to stand before you as Filton & Bradley Stoke’s first Labour MP.

“I’d like to thank everyone across our community who put their trust in me and in Labour to restore civility, security and fairness.

“I know that many people voted Labour for the very first time in this election.

“I will work hard to repay your trust, but no matter how you voted, I will work every day to serve everyone in our communities as an active, impactful and approachable MP you can be proud of.

“Coming from a family of teachers, NHS workers and RAF service members I’ve long believed in the importance of stepping forward to serve others.

“It will take time to deliver the scale of the change that Britain needs but in me you have an MP who will listen and act and I hope when the final result is in, a government on your side again.”

“It’s time to end the chaos and dysfunction in Westminster and start to rebuild our country together.

“While the campaign may have ended, the hard work of change starts now. Let’s get to it.”

Mr Lopresti, who had held the seat since it was created in 2010, said: “It’s been the absolute honour of my life to represent the wonderful people of the Filton & Bradley Stoke constituency community, our area, and I’d like to thank them all for their support, their kindness and what we’ve achieved together over the last 14 years.

“We’ve got a fantastic new town being built in the airfield site, a STEM learning centre which pays homage to our fantastic aviation heritage and history, and a permanent, fitting memorial for the last Concorde.

“I’d like to congratulate Claire for the way she’s conducted her campaign; the way we’ve dealt with each other has been professional, courteous and kind, and may I wish her all the luck in the world, and I am sure she will make a very good member of parliament.”

Full result:

Claire Hazelgrove (Labour) 22,905

Jack Lopresti (Conservative) 12,905

Stephen Burge (Reform UK) 6,819

James Nelson (Green) 4,142

Benet Allen (Lib Dem) 3,596

Turnout: 65.12%

Picture: Claire Hazelgrove celebrates with Labour supporters at the count in Thornbury Leisure Centre after she defeated Jack Lopresti to win Filton & Bradley Stoke