Neighbours oppose kebab van in pub car park

MORE than 20 people have objected to plans to open a kebab van in the car park of a Downend pub.

Applicant Ismail Buyukpolat has applied for a street trading licence to sell hot food and drinks from a kebab van in the car park of the Trident, on the corner of Badminton Road and Blackhorse Lane, every day from 4pm to 11pm.

South Gloucestershire Council’s licensing sub-committee is due to meet to consider the application on Wednesday, March 27.

As well as kebabs, Mr Buyukpolat would sell burgers, pizzas and chicken from the trailer, which would be left in the car park outside opening hours.

Council officers say 27 objections have been made to the application.

One letter attached to the council’s report said the location as “completely unsuitable”, adding: “Not only will it bring noise, cooking smells and rubbish, it will attract further vermin, which is already an issue around this area.”

Another neighbour said: “Although a pub car park, it is surrounded on all angles by houses and this is a quiet area.”

Residents also raised concerns over the need for a generator to power the van, creating extra noise seven days a week, children going home from school being tempted to buy from it and a reliance on toilet facilities in the pub, which would not have the same opening hours as the van.

One objector said: “There is enough noise from the pub itself – this would attract even more youths to hang about in their cars, making noise with their music and loud exhausts.”

No objection has been made by the police.

Officers have told councillors on the committee they must consider the potential impact on “public nuisance, public safety, crime and disorder and protection of children from harm”.